Thanksgiving Menu: Recipes for the Entire Feast


Every year, Thanksgiving comes around and I have a swell of gratitude for all of the people in my life and for all the simple pleasures I love. Looking back at the Thanksgiving dinners through the years, I’ve had so many different types of feasts, everything from elaborate multi-course dinners that took days to envision and the whole family to help prepare to super-fast dinners we decided to pull together in the final few hours of a Thanksgiving afternoon.

Pick and choose from this collection of everything Thanksgiving recipes to make the perfect Thanksgiving menu for you. Hope you have a wonderful feast, no matter what shape it takes.
Express Thanksgiving — everything you need to make Thanksgiving dinner in the final few hours of the day, no planning needed

The Main

Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Gravy — classic stuffed turkey with pan gravy for the meat lovers
Vegetarian Turkey Substitute — savory, roasted loaf packed with all the flavors of Thanksgiving


Terrine de Roquefort — no cooking required, just mix and chill, then enjoy the strong flavor of Roquefort with sweet raisins
Roasted Spice Nuts — perfect to have next to the bar area during the holidays
Onion Pignoli Marmalade — make it ahead of time, refrigerate in a jar, and assemble just a few minutes before serving
Christmas Snack To Go — walnuts and parmesan wrapped in dates, good for any holiday, Christmas or Thanksgiving!


Date and Fennel Salad — so simple to prepare and such a fresh sweet and tangy taste
Roasted Veggies with Tarragon Cream — pumpkin, fennel, chestnuts, and mushrooms, with the special touch of tarragon
Mushroom Salad with Pine Nuts — mushrooms, celery, and toasted pine nuts
Sweet Potato — classic mashed sweet potatoes with butter, cream, ginger, and nutmeg
Savage Mushroom Tart — something for the table that is both wild and native at the same time
Tomato Tart with Fig and Dijon — goat cheese, fig spread and dijon mustard for a sweet, tangy, and bold flavor profile
Forbidden Rice – stunningly beautiful black rice recipe with cranberries, red onions, and coconut flakes
Soy Ginger Marinated Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk — brussels sprouts on the stalk are always surprising to see


Pumpkin Soup — exciting without being spicy
Chestnut Soup with Chocolate Curls — a dish that does not go unnoticed
Carrot Soup — so homey and comforting, this soup makes me feel grateful for the bounty of the earth
Vegan Carrot Soup with Star Anise — it’s all about the fragrant star


Cranberry Sauce — a Thanksgiving must-have
Gravy — juices from the baked turkey with a little flour and white wine
Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy — a creamy gravy with chestnuts, mushrooms, and all the Thanksgiving herbs


Cherry Walnut Tart with Mascarpone — caramelized cherries with goat cheese and mascarpone
Not-a-Tiramisu — as close to an easy tiramisu recipe as you can get, and even better when you make it a day ahead
Apple Cake — make this to nibble on throughout the morning or for the day after Thanksgiving brunch
Apple Tart — beyond impressive and oh so delicate
Raspberry Tart — extremely easy to make and a beauty to serve
Panna Cotta — it’s like eating little bites of delicious clouds!
Brioche Apple Pudding — a simple alternative to apple pie
Chocolate Tart — dark chocolate, heavy cream, and the star ingredient: lavender sea salt
Three-Layer Apple Terrine — use cranberry walnut bread to make it even more perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert


Have a Thanksgiving Drink, a Welcoming Pumpkin Cocktail — pumpkin, ginger, vodka, and orange
Spritz — a delicious and refreshing aperitif served in northern Italy
Perfect Campari and Soda — crisp, mildly bitter, and long on flavor
Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays — a lovely red cocktail with pomegranate juice, lemon, and vodka
Champagne Cocktail — a classic Champagne cocktail with a twist of herbs
Mulled Wine — take a bottle of red wine to the next level with spices, citrus and apple cider
Baileys and Egg Nog — a simple holiday pairing

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