An Impressively Simple Champagne Cocktail with Herbs and Bitters


This is a classic Champagne cocktail with a twist of herbs. It’s so simple to make and startlingly impressive.


  • a sugar cube
  • two drops of angostura bitters
  • Champagne, Prosecco, or another sparkling wine
  • ice frozen with herbs, try thyme, dill, or rosemary
There’s nothing more celebratory than a bubbly cocktail. Plan ahead a few hours and your bubbly will be even more festive. Simply freeze some herbs in ice and add them to your glasses. If you have long ice cube trays, you can freeze an entire stem, but other shapes work well too.
To craft your cocktail, drop the bitters atop the sugar cube. Add the sugar cube and your herbed ice to your glasses and pour on the bubbly!

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