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For the Winter Issue, my winter wonderland. Like most winters here in Florida, winter has again arrived with little change in the weather.

I wish for a little bit of cooler air to breeze through and lower the temperature enough for me to at least wear my boots. Even though I am surrounded by palm trees and a beautiful ocean view, I long to wake up and see snow out my window the way I did when I lived in Bethesda, Manhattan, Brighton, and London.

When I lived in Venezuela, winter brought with it the sweet smell of hallacas. The scent fills every home in the same way American homes brim with the aromas of turkey and rosemary on Thanksgiving. Christmas also has it’s own wonderful scents: The fresh smell of pine from the tree. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger from caramelized apples in the oven. The homey smell of wood burning in the fireplace and from lit candles on the table. I want to recreate them all at my home here in Florida. I’ll be making my own hallacas this year in the form of little hallaca dumplings, filling my house with memories and their delicious smell.

Even if there is no snow here, it will smell like Christmas in my kitchen. I hope you have a way to recreate your Christmas dreams as well.

I want to wish you all my love and appreciation for following the site, checking in on my Instagram, and commenting on Facebook and Twitter. It truly helps keep me active and encouraged to share with you. It’s like always having a companion next to me in the kitchen. Even when I’m alone I always have the emotion, happiness, and passion to share with you any simple treasure in my life.

Have a wonderful, radiant, and happy holiday! Celebrate surrounded by your loved ones. Be yourself. Avoid multitasking so you can enjoy the present. Live every moment deeply. Live with passion. Open your heart to the unknown and let the magic arrive!

All my blessings. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!



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  1. Oh, how I love when I catch the scent of a wood burning fire when I’m out on a crispy winter’s night. But after the cold spell we just escaped, Florida is awfully tempting! Happy New Year, my friend!

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