Because I’m Happy, The Spring 2014 Issue

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Now that it’s spring, I’m appreciating how the light through the window comes in a different way than winter. With new colors painting the walls in the house, and outside the gardens and parks, the ocean. I’m feeling happy. You can admire something you planted coming alive into something beautiful and delightful. I’m enjoying the pleasure of just observing beauty. There is a power I find in being more aware of the moment and living deeply in everything I do. I’m greeting spring with Happy by Pharrell Williams, dancing while I cook.

Andy Warhol knew well the power visual language could have over politics of art, consumption, even economy. An exciting world where visible television personalities make culinary school seem like rock-star training grounds. Food and its politics continue to be a more and more present topic in popular culture, appearing in TV shows, art, fashion.

Like in the Moschino collection by Jeremy Scott, a fast food inspired collection with a dress echoing the signature McDonald’s red and yellow or a handbag on a tray reminiscent of a happy meal. It’s unexpected. Like the transformation of a sumptuous historical building, the Grand Palais in Paris decorated like a supermarket for the Chanel fashion show. It’s refreshing. A more relaxed, and maybe even less pretentious, light and happy environment with a fun, easy going take on iconic logos and interpreted with a twist.

I often hear the word “sustainable” in food, but its becoming an integral part of other less expected places too. Like in fashion and textiles, Aether Studios for example make sure that all their supplies comply with ethical and sustainable manufacturing process, respecting the environment and people.


aether lola lobato


I think about all of this and I am energized for my own work. I want food and cooking to be a more relaxed, simplified, and balanced experience. Like for example working within the constraints of cooking a whole meal in one pot, where I can still make delicious, thrilling, and surprising meals while minimizing clean up, time and effort. Making the ordinary extraordinary while exerting minimal effort for maximum pleasure.

In this issue you’ll find recipes for Teriyaki Garlic Lemon Chicken SkewersCoconut Jasmine Rice with Cilantro and Lemon, Fresh Homemade Tzaziki, and Fast + Easy recipe for Easy Tahini Sauce. In the coming weeks I’ll be making some organic and seasonal dishes like squash and apple soup topped with pistachios, a fresh and crunchy mix of fruit with veggies. We will be visiting food trucks in Miami, local organic markets, and introducing special friends at our Food Talks section and more.

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