It’s Summer, Time to Recapture Lost Emotions


Summer is a time to find lost emotions: the laughing with wine, the food, and the fantastic company who understands an unspoken language, the atmosphere that keeps us laughing at our memories forever.

For me, it’s the summer I spent in Greece and along the Mediterranean. That blue water and sky, eating simple, fresh food, lingering at the table, talking with strangers: those moments were magic and the people sitting next to me even for just an instant are now tied in my mind forever. Summertime is always there, reserved for us when we need to come alive.

This summer, make time and escape to unknown places. Better if it’s far away, but sometimes there’s even a place around the corner you haven’t been. It’s all about moving out from the comfort zone, to open new frontiers without limitations. This summer, have fun and dance in the moonlight. It’s time for a new vibe and new energy.

When winter days come, we’ll always have this summer to remember, so make it unforgettable! Make it as summer you’ll always return to in your mind. The carefree days you’ll need to draw on when things get far too serious.

Here are a few of my summertime favorites to get you started and as always, there’ll be more all season long. What are your summer favorites?



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