I May Talk with an Accent, but I Don’t Think with an Accent

This is my mom and Nicolas in Bethesda. The house was a chaos. She came to take care of the kids while I was in Caracas. I think she was making ‘arepas dulce.’ I realized I could pass through all my life stages by just thinking about the aromas and flavors, and those memories could become immediately real in my mind.

This is me while I was living in Bethesda. I had red hair.

I have to admit I have been terrified to write my blog in English, even I don’t mind to speak, writing is another issue. So please bear with me, all my mistakes and horrific interpretations I may do from now on. I will try my best to continue my blog in English, you may see some words in Spanish from time to time if it doesn’t have the right meaning to me in English. But I just want to tell you that part of my language is universal, it’s all about celebration, food, eating, having a bite, trying something new, shopping for food, cooking or just thinking if my kids eats well now that they live alone.

I was born in Spain, raised in Venezuela, studied in England and I am American citizen living now in Florida. Of course I have moved about  forty times in my whole life just like a diplomat’s lifestyle but without being one of them. I started writing in my kitchen table when I was living in Bethesda, Maryland going through difficult moments and I realized that going through my memories of food I could reach into a state of mind of good moments shared by dear friends and families.

Which at the end all was about a celebration, cooking, sitting at the table, eating, sharing and having a wonderful time. So even now I just moved again, but this time we are renovating the whole kitchen and I am cooking free or just making easy food in a portable electrical kitchen, which you will see, how a foodie lives without a kitchen, for only a while I hope…


  1. Lizzy, those Eclairs look so good!

  2. Good luck with the remodel! I’m sure it will be fabulous! Enjoyed this post :)

  3. Este mansaje esta demasiado BUENO !!

    Hay que ponerlo en FOX-CNN y MSNBC.

    me encanto!!

  4. Que bonito Lola, es una buena forma de mantener vivo los mejores momentos de nuestras vidas, solo lo que compartimos esos ratos podemos entender lo maravilloso de los mismos. Sigue así. Besos

  5. ¡Estas perdonada con tu inglés!, que se entiende perfectamente.
    ¡No me puedo imaginar esa vida de nómada que llevas!
    Un saludo desde el norte de España

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