The Magic of Summer, The 2014 Summer Issue

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The Magic of Summer 04 La Maison du Monde

Even though where I live it’s practically summer year-round, I adore the idea of traveling, changing locations, slowing down, and seeing it all from a new point of view.

This is a cliffside house on the island of Santorini, Greece. The picture is from when I went there two years ago. It’s a magical place with the most amazing views. Every time I want to feel the freedom and magic of summer, I think of its waters and its views.

I think of all the things I associate with summer: new friends, cooking al fresco, having simple unburdened fun. There’s spontaneous picnics in the moonlight and barefoot walks along the beach. Mediterranean food with its wonderful balance and healthy indulgence. Summer also brings new sensations and flavors, like herby, fruit-infused cocktails.

In the summer, I’m free to be more relaxed in how live, how I dress. And in other parts of my daily life, too. Dinner tables with mismatched silverware and dishes with only flowers in simple jars and candles providing the mood.

I was just recently in Madrid, Spain and I loved the people, the wonderful seafood, and the freshness in every bite of everything I ate. The people I met there still go to the market to buy fresh local fish, veggies, and fruit. I loved it. The markets are so clean, organized, and the people are just so friendly. I’ll be posting pictures soon. I know the experiences I had there will fuel this summer and infuse it with wonderful imagery, food, and feelings.

Have a wonderful and dreamy summertime. Don’t forget to use sunblock and drink a lot of water. Dance and smile a lot. Also, tell me what do you think of when you think of summer? What are your special places, foods, experiences?

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