It’s Spring! Cook Mindfully and Glow from Within

A time for cleaning, rebirth, and transformation. As spring arrives we plant our intentions for the rest of the year, we feed them daily and then let them grow. This season is all about being mindful and aware. When I cook, I pick my ingredients mindfully.

Mindful eating is about loving yourself, and mindful cooking is loving those you cook for.

When I cook, I want to taste the aromas of my childhood and the memories of my trips. Each bite, filled with flavor of memorable moments incorporating new sensations, knowledge, and experience. Part of making that love and memory come through is thinking about the ingredients in a more holistic way: wondering and caring about where your food comes from, the values and ethics involved in what we eat, and overall making sure we are getting the real thing. For me, this has meant I’m mostly eating vegetarian lately and buying organic ingredients whenever I can. Care for and love the ingredients you use and you will have more pleasure in cooking them.

It’s spring — let’s take in all the freshness mother nature gifts to us. Be radiant. Enjoy the simple moments of life without letting the unnecessary take you over. When we glow from within we are ageless.

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