This Fall I’m Eating Thoughtfully, The 2014 Fall Issue

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I’ve been taking yoga this year — Iyengar and Kundalini — and I know it’s changed me.

I’m focused on having a more complete awareness of living, on soaking in the pleasure of being here. I’m opening up to new sensations and it’s translating to the foods I cook and eat. I want every meal to be an experience in mindful eating. I’d say I’m mostly vegetarian lately as I’m finding myself more and more conscious of the foods I’m eating. I am not a chef. I am a foodie trying to eat thoughtfully.

Every year, autumn brings me thoughts of nourishment and bounty, so I am experimenting with new uses for what we can find in mother nature. I want to unlock the abundant flavor with simple, natural preparations. I am still curious to find out what it means to truly cook with love and eat with care. This fall, I want to be conscious in every bite and to unearth emotion in every dish. Will you join me?

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