The 2013 Fall Issue

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Autumn came without much notice here in Florida. The weather is still hot and still steamy.

New names have come into my kitchen and they’ve brought with them exciting ideas of combining flavors — spelt, amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, chia, za’atar, flax seeds. I’ll be cooking and eating comfort food with aromas, flavors, and scents from far away.

My relationship with food this fall has to do with balance: some timeless things, some new things. I’ll be mixing something from here, something from there. The magic arrives when we add a touch of spice to something homely and simple. It takes the ordinary into extraordinary. Every dish is a vessel for traveling within the same table. A quick trip without actually leaving home. In the same way, this fall is a celebration of a mixture of traditions and respect for those who think differently.

Zumba, belly dance, and yoga have been part of my daily routine lately. Tools to become more aware, open, and in balance with myself. Each a nice packets of emotions, sensations and wellness in my mind.

Similarly, everything that is put on the table is relevant and complements everything else: the dishes, the tablecloth, the cutlery, they always say something.

They receive people in a special way, setting the tone, and creating a new world at the table. Taking care of the details is as important as the food you serve.

Even the little things become a celebration of life. A simple food becomes a feast. A meal becomes an opening to welcome new friends and new tastes. The freedom to be yourself.

Food has to be as exciting as a trip, as relaxing as a vacation, yet with a focus on well-being.
Eat mindfully, shop carefully reading the labels, be curious about where your food comes from.
Try the best you can to eat organic.
Eating together with the family is always a big treasure.

This autumn is going to be about finding the beauty in mixing the old and the new to us and in balancing.

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Lola Lobato



  1. Maribel Lopez says:

    Me gusta muchisimo lo que haces y como lo haces, sigue deleitandonos, Shalom,

  2. Lola, siempre sorprendes con tus publicaciones, esta nueva temporada de otoño estoy segura que será tan interesante como las anteriores.
    Tengo mucha curiosidad por conocer especias y condimentos que no conozco, formas de cocinar distintas y tu siempre aportas algo nuevo.
    Un besote

  3. Bessy Chang says:

    Great star for fall !! Looking forward all the recipes ! I Love the statement ” freedom to be yourself ”
    Congrats on this new season .Bch

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