Skillet Eggs for a Lazy Sunday

Skillet Eggs for a Lazy Sunday - La Maison du Monde
Eggs in a skillet from the stovetop to the table top. That’s fast and the easy part all is that it’s all done in one pan. I had it with sparkling sake I had from the previous night, kind of a weird combination, but the idea is that you use what you can find in the refrigerator for a fast and easy brunch and the only thing you need for sure is eggs!!!

Other ingredients you might need:
cheddar cheese or another sharp cheese
greens like arugula, scallions
chili pepper, finely sliced
your favorite hot sauce like Sriracha, Cholula
balsamic glaze
olive oil

In a skillet at medium heat pour a little olive oil, crack in a few eggs and then throw cheese on the top. Keep the eggs on one side and add some tomatoes on the other side with a pinch of sugar and sauté for few seconds. Drizzle with a little balsamic and on low heat keep covered for a few minutes or until the egg is cooked to your preference. And voila, you’re ready! Add fresh greens and radish if you have them to add fresh and clean flavors. For a more intense flavor season with your favorite hot sauce. Salt and pepper. Of course, you can always add a sausage for the warm, smoky flavor of comfort.

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