Halloween Cocktail – Vodka with St. Germain

Halloween Cocktail 02 La Maison du Monde

A vodka cocktail served in different ways.

The one with the long ice cubes I made with citribust which look like finger limes with little pearls that look like caviar but taste like lime. I scrubbed the insides out and put the little pearls with water in ice cube trays. I love them in this cocktail because when the ice melts the little pearls float in the water and create an amazing sensation in the drink.

The Rambutan is a fruit that comes originally from Malaysia and Indonesia and is common in Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. They are also cultivated in others countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica, even here in Hawaii. Inside it’s like a lychee, the flavor is kind of sweet and sour. Rambutan means hairy. It has a perfect spooky look for my Halloween cocktail. It’s a fruit with a Halloween costume!
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Ingredients, serves 2
1 ounce Vodka
1/2 ounce St. Germain
2 dashes of Angostura
1 1/2 ounce sparkling water
juice of half a lemon
optional garnish: rosemary, thyme, rambutan, citriburst

Combine the vodka, sparkling water, St. Germain, Angostura, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Serve with thyme or rosemary leaves. For a Halloween cocktail, place a rambutan inside!


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    I want to try this !!! Celebrating with your drinks !!! Thank you !!!

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