Eating and Walking

Eating and Walking 01 la maison du monde

Let’s move! This week my concern is about moving myself, exercising and eating right.

I am not very fond of gadgets having to do with exercise, but thanks to my pedometer given to me from a friend I can now count my steps daily giving me an awareness of my active or at some cases non active lifestyle. It is really easy to use, you just clip it on to your hip and it will automatically stat detecting all your steps. My friend told me that to be healthy and fit we would have to complete 10,000 steps a day which only made me realize the large amount of time I spend sitting at the computer, or driving which I have to change to have a total balance in my style of life. So I have decided to stop what I am doing everyday and for at least an hour or more walk on the beach, park, street… no matter where but walk! It is great you just put the pedometer in the morning and don’t take it off until you go to sleep and you will be so surprised of how active or sedentary your lifestyle is. It really is a way to motivate your physical activity.

Of course I have been stressed out with my kitchen remodeling and not being to cook properly since January (when we moved) has made it hard for me to keep up a balance routine. Especially having a food blog and reading my fellow colleague’s blogs which immediately make me hungry with their appealing images and delicious comments. I am getting fed up of eating raw foods like salads and trying not to eat much carbohydrates which would really be easy during the remodeling process. I wish my kitchen is ready soon so I can start cooking properly and posting some yummy recipes…


  1. Gosh, there’s a lot of helpful information above!

  2. At least it is a way to be conscious of how active or inactive we are. It’s ok to go little by little. The issue is to go and do it so let’s keep moving!

  3. I just started doing this too! Some days I only do 3500 steps and others I do 7-8K. I’m trying to get to 10000 steps a day too. Baby steps (literally)

  4. Using a pedometer is such a good idea! Now, I’m curious how many steps I’m taking each day.

  5. Fantastic! Walking is such a great way not just to get exercise, but air, run errands, window shop….

  6. Anabelle, I know how cold it gets in Canada during the winter that’s brave of you to walk in that weather.
    I am not a gym person myself so I have to move as much as I can, even with all the excuses of the hot steamy weather here we always have to find a way to enjoy it. We went along the beach on the weekend and it was very pleasant.
    Keeping in mind a bit of Perricone concept and Mireille Guiliano mentality I think we are OK

  7. Hola Lola, if it wasn’t for my dog Jacky, I wouldn’t exercise at all! Even when is minus 40 degrees (celsius) here in Canada he makes me get out and WALK! Of course during the summer I take long walks along the river, folr one or two hours..I always try not to use my car, I prefer to walk whenever is possible; also take the stairs instead of the elevator,,,I’ve been doing this for at least 20 years, you feel so much better after you have a nice walk in the morning!I love walking, is the only exercise I do, sometimes some yoga. I hate the gym, although it’ll be a good idea that I do some weights, it’s important for your bones and muscles,,,maybe one day soon I’ll get into it!
    Thanks for sharing with us, love your blog!

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