El Señor y la Señora

El Señor y la Señora invited us for tapas and Arroz a la Marinera. They made Sangria and had Manchego cheese which I could eat everyday with Rosemary bread. We also had antipasto which you eat a lot and never feel guilty.

This salad with no name was so refreshing and perfect for a summer day. It reminds me a little bit of the moroccan salad my aunt used to make at my grandmother’s house, with black olives and bitter oranges.

Here is la Sra fixing the table with their adorable Sushi. Remember I am still without kitchen due to the never ending renovation. In this moment it is wonderful to count on friends and enjoy a meal all together.

El Sr made the marinated rice, which was so tasty and yummy, drizzled with Jerez. I had been craving for Paella or any seafood with rice all month.

La Sra made a classic plate of melon and prosciutto. She wanted to splash them with Porto like she used to have it in Paris. In Paris, they cut a little cantaloupe in half, remove the seeds and add 1/2 glass of Porto.

Laura was still tired and had muscle pain on her legs from her intensive walk along the big apple
The salad without a name was perfect for this hot weather specially in Florida. The black olives they used were marinated with cinnamon so they had an aromatic and sweet flavor which matched beautiful in the salad.

Black olives
Black Olives.

Trim the arugula. Then slice the fennel, peel and cut the oranges into segments, mince the shallots, and slice the celery and olives. Combine all ingredients and toss, make the dressing   seasoning with a olive oil, rice vinegar salt and pepper.


  1. oh that sounds like my perfect meal and kind of get together!

  2. This is such a pretty meal. The salad sounds fresh and light and full of flavor!

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