Shall we eat? A Change in Our Daily Routine

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A recipe, a detox, an idea, a party. We should do things for ourselves, specially things that make us happy. We have to know when to stop the daily routine. Veggie salad sprinkled with basil, cilantro, mint herbs and a Dijon vinaigrette. I am venturing more into making these veggie plates a part of my lifestyle. It can be served as a first course, a companion to fish, chicken or meat. It goes well with anything and can satisfy any taste, you just choose what you want to place.

I am totally convinced that we always have to keep doing things just for ourselves, specially if it is things that make us happy. We have to be able to know when to stop the saturation of the daily life routine.

I am fascinated with casseroles I just throw any veggie and drizzle it with olive oil, coarse salt and voilà it’s magnificent. These Le Creuset casserole are so great to wash and you can take it from the refrigerator to the oven or microwave and be ready for the table.

I went to a fantastic birthday party thrown by a friend for her mom. I loved her idea, a brunch on a Saturday morning. She got a Venezuelan food truck parked at her garage with arepas and cachapas. Arepas is a kind of bread made of corn dough, you can have it stuffed  with meat, cheese or any thing you like. My favorite is chicken with avocado. Cachapas are like a pancake made from fresh corn and handmade cheese. They are really delicious, if you ever have the chance and come across one you must try it.

Debbie’s cheese table, I love the way she served a dip using a bread as a bowl.

Everybody is talking about the detox diet, I have friends that have been drinking special combinations of fruits and veggie juices, others doing the detox clean program of Gwyneth Paltrow and so I decided to do a month of cyber detox. I took some time for myself and decided to place a pause on my old routine. I started by just taking quality time for myself. A kind of inner side vacation. Slow down everything, eating exactly what I want, being more organized with my menus and being able to enjoy it without being rushed. I started to move faster by taking Zumba classes, a great latin dance fitness that boosts and renews yourself with special energy. I love exercises that are attached with music so I decided to take belly dancing too, It brings out the inner goodness. We are planning to do a Moroccan girls tea dance that will be something interesting for future posts. I keep walking as much as I can even if Florida is a driving city.

I am also in the process of giving my blog and online store a twist pushing it more towards real life. Not that before it wasn’t. It’s that I have always been too conscious about privacy  and now I decided to open more the door and give everyone a quick peek of my life and my dear ones. Like opening the curtains to have a look inside. I think it’s the only way to share some of the things I like best, eat!

My friend Debbie called me yesterday telling me that she was going to make a cheese table inspired in the one I always do. I told her the idea is to break the rules and not be perfect, to not have matching dinnerware or table cloth. If the theme is cheeses and wine, I always fill the table with a variety of honeys, marmalades, fruits, nuts, breads and all kind of beautiful vegetables to eat and mostly to use as part of the decoration. You have to do it in a free way, making every thing look fresh, tempting and inviting. When I place the cheeses on the board I like the thought that there is a story behind each plate and that the veggie selected next to the cheese with the almonds, the honey and the figs have to tell you something while smoothly leading you to try the next plate.


  1. This all looks lovely. I like the simplicity of raw vegetables, there’s nothing to distract from the taste and your dressing sounded great.

  2. I love the idea of a food truck at a party! My original wedding idea was to have a crepe truck at our reception. But we went with a wedding in St. Lucia instead lol. Your photos are stunning, everyone looks like they’re having a great time and enjoying their meals. The food looks great! Thank you for letting us in on your fun party. Have a good one!

  3. I LOVE this idea of a cyber detox- I can’t wait to see what you decide to give us a peek into with your life!

  4. The vegetable plate is so pretty with all those colors! And, I love the idea of a brunch party with arepas. Sounds delicious.

  5. What fun to have a food truck for the party…everything looks delicious! And you know I always love my veggies…but a cheese plate works too :)

  6. Una ensalasa fresca deliciosa y saludable me encanta,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  7. I LOVE the idea of calling food truck for the party! I wonder how much it cost to hire for a few hours…. It’s fun and you don’t have to cook at all. Never thought of that. Is the salad Nicoise salad? I love eggs in salad all the time. You reminded me that I need to work out a little more. I’ve been busy and totally got lazy. Have a wonderful weekend Lola!

  8. Love this post.
    I really need some detox and vacations as well.
    But I’m trying to stop smoking now, and I better keep busy.

  9. I love that rainbow plate of veggies….

    And what a great idea of doing a cyber detox. I have been thinking lately that I really should do that. I spend too much time on the laptop! :)

  10. Mismatched table linens rule! So does belly dancing and taking time for yourself. I love roasted veggies, simple and arranged prettily. I often have just that for lunch.

  11. That salad is beautiful and really tempting! Now, I’m mcraving it.



  12. I love your platter of fresh veggies and I really appreciate your new outlook! I recently learned from a doctor that my stress levels are way too high and that I need to relax so I am trying to really take some time for myself!

  13. That veggie platter looks delish and I love the food truck party. What a great idea!

  14. Hi Lilly, nice to see you back.
    You should try the Zumba a completely workout. It is fun like going to a dance party. Stress free exercises.

  15. Hi Lola! Seems like you keep yourself busy with Zumba and belly dancing! I need to get busy like that as well. I’ve been packing on some pounds in the last year, so that veggie plate doesn’t look bad at all.

  16. I love the theme of this post. I’ve had several friends who seem to be finding ways to keep themselves occupied and happy but who, over time, realized they were being distracted from confronting hard truths in their lives. I also believe in taking moments to yourself, to reconnect with what you’re experiencing and what you need/want. Thank you for sharing; many people could benefit from this tip!

    Also, that salad is gorgeous. It reminds me of one that a host in Bali prepared one day.

  17. Oh, I could live off your gorgeous salad plate…so beautiful and tasty! And it’s wonderful how you are inspiring others with your posts…looking forward to the changes in your blog :)

  18. You are so right. After an English winter of stodgy comfort food, my body is in need of lots of fresh raw stuff too. Thanks for inspiring. A.

  19. Everything looks good! Thanks for opening the doors and sharing with us, your veggie platter is my favorite thing to eat and the cheese course is right up there too;-)

  20. Great post! A lot of info compressed in a few paragraphs, good reading! The only way I can eat salads is if I make them look pretty (just like a child, oh well…) Everything looks so delicious!

  21. Hello Lola! It´s a very nice and tasting post! The raw vegetables with the dip sauce -preferably Ranch- is pretty common here in USA as a starter. I took the habit of eating raw cauliflower and broccoli, and now I almost do not cook them for other dishes. Que tengas un lindo fin de semana!

  22. This looks to be all good. I believe it was Oprah that said you should do at least one special thing for yourself each day. I consider that very good advice.
    The food truck thing sounds like a great idea for a party, I will need to remember that.
    I am glad to read that you are opening up more. I have changed a lot in that aspect and I think I have benefited from being more open. I am sure you will too.
    Have a great weekend Lola!

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