Now that I am not cooking, this is what I do

I like my asparagus with a little bit of olive oil and coarse sea salt. I cook them for a few minutes and just like that they are super crunchy and full of flavor. I do not add any water.
Wild Alaskan salmon fillet, bought at Whole Foods
And just by adding these two sauces it turned into a delicious meal with brown rice.
Thats my dining room right now, and still all the china and kitchenware is packed.
It’s been hard for me to cook like this, still under kitchen renovation, a little tired of eating in restaurants or eating food that doesn’t require cooking at home.
These two sauces made my life a little simpler and easier: the peanut sauce with the combination of the soy ginger sauce just made my day.
My son Sebastian lives in Manhattan and has no time to cook but he tries his best to eat healthy, I just made him a list of all the goodies he needs to have to make a yummy meal in 15 minutes.
Of course those sauces were included plus the teriyaki and the garlic ginger one that could enhance any boring meal to an exciting dish in a second.


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  3. Hey! Not bad for a meal thrown together with hot plates! :)

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmm que rico.

  5. Lola yo ando viviendo en cajas tambien! Me acabo de mudar a una casa linda. Necesito esa lista para simplificarme la vida please! Un besote ya llego mi cake stand, no me ha dado chance de buscarlo en el PO Box me muero por abrirlo ya! Besos

  6. Gracias Lola. He visto tu contestación a mi post de hoy. ¡No hubo forma de salvar el relleno!, jajaja, el mascarpone estaba cortado literalmente, pero luego volvimos a hacer un relleno con extracto de naranja en vez de cáscara, y estaba perfecto. ¡Gracias por seguirme!, Acabo de darme cuenta que tienes un montón de blogs….¿cómo es posible?, yo no tengo tiempo material para dedicarme a uno casi y TU TIENES UN MONTÓN!, jajaja.
    Un beso, veo que eres muy activa también. Con cariño. Marialuisa. ¿Qué quieres de la comida Española?, algún pintxo?….

  7. Please send me some of those delicious food from Spain, I wish there was a tapas restaurant near my home right now. Sometimes I dream with Spanish food.
    I will check your post tomorrow to taste it with my eyes

  8. ¡QUE VALIENTE!, you´re really brave. When I refurbished my kitchen, around 10 years ago, from scratch, I run into my mom´s, jaja, I can understand why you can´t cook, I wouldn´t do it either. In Spain is asparragus season now, today I´m cooking fresh hake stuffed with them,I´ll post it tomorrow. Un beso from Spain

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