After reading all these great comments, I realized this was going to be harder than I thought. There were so many great responses!

Like the acrostic poem from “Nancy”:

Cook various truffles
Hope my friends like them
Entertain them at a party
Extra varieties on the board
Show type written on slate
Expect rave reviews

Slate keeps the truffles cool
Lovely dessert display
Another use of the cheese slate
Terrific for many uses
Excellent hostess gift, too!

“MamiS”  special dinner she was going to prepare for when her husband came back from Afghanistan, The Greek dinner being prepared by “Shelby”,  “carolipie’s” use of the Rivage Tea Towel as work of art, “Adri17’s” wonderful thai dinner,  “Gayle C’s” tea party under the summer trees, “Ally’s” amazing captions for the Cake Vintage Placement, to even “parisrobyn18” special scavenger hunt for her husband wearing just the orange apron..

There were so many comments that caught my attention and for that I want to congratulate all of you! But in the end, one really stood out for me from all the rest and that was “Devon Rachel” from Cleveland, Ohio with her creative entry:

“Hi, I live in Cleveland,OH. Aside from a few months a year our skies are pretty gray. What we do have here all the time is great food. My husband and I are always the ones bringing the food to the party and we enjoy cooking together and treating our friends to something great on another gray day in Cleveland.The tray would be a fun way to entertain.

We do our shopping at The West Side Market, it’s a huge indoor market that you can get pretty much anything you desire. Your reusable grocery bag would be a bonus as not only does it seem more sturdy but the bright colors would hopefully help my husband find me easily in the crowd as I tend to wander in a place like that.

The mug is simply a great idea and i’m surprised I haven’t seen more. Surely a thing I would take to work so no one else would use it,we have a coffe mug collection for some reason. Or to remind myself of an early meeting and to drink another cup!

The apron looks like you would be able to maybe just wipe off some smaller spills or splatters instead of have to wash it all the time. More prtoction from catching on fire is always a plus, I actually have had apron get burned :(

Your site has a lot of great products, i’m just glad I happed to come across it.”

Thanks again to all who participated, you are all winners and very soon everyone who participated will receive a little token of appreciation from Lola Lobato.

Congratulations Devon Rachel you will be receiving your goodies very soon!!


  1. Congratulations Devon! WooHoo!

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