Shawarma & Fallafel Kosher in Paris

In Le Marais, near the Picasso Museum, the Parisian soho and Jewish community center in Paris is called the Rue des Rosier. Its narrow streets are dotted with restaurants, synagogues, libraries and art galleries.

Le Marais is a place steeped in Jewish references an area of kosher restaurants and fast food. In the Rue des Rosier you can find L’As du Fallafel, a small kosher fast food place. You can ask for a Fallafel and eat it there, or take it to go to a nearby park plaza or watching the Parisian lifestyle.

The fallafel comes wrapped in a pita bread with chickpea, hummus, or beans, you can also add cabbage, tomato, pickles and fried eggplant. All of this is bathed in yogurt and spicy harissa. The result is delicious. There is also the vegetarian or lamb fallafel, to accommodate personal taste.

Enjoying a fallafel while sitting in a plaza in Paris is a historic blend of images, sensations and flavors.

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