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ABC, is another of my beloved stores in NYC. This time I visited their restaurants Pipa and ABC Kitchen where I stopped after walking over 80 blocks under a terribly hot sun.

I decided to stay inside the store and wait for my son Sebastian to go to dinner. While looking for a place to sit I decided to drink a juice at the bar at ABC Kitchen and then ended up eating dinner at Pipa, another of his restaurants. I’m not sure if I liked the calamari that I ordered, to my surprise the calamari were very sweet, an interesting taste but the juice from the bar in my opinion was better maybe it was what I needed because I was super tired.

They have an organic juice cocktail bar where I drank a juice called “green dream” made of cucumber, celery, chard, kale cole, cilantro, jalapeño, lemon, apple and a green powder that contains a complex of plant nutrients and algae. Totally an energy shot.

Once back home I have prepared this juice several times in my own way… It tastes like the countryside, open fields, like  herbs, but the interesting thing is the touch of jalapeño, cilantro and lemon.


  1. Hi Tatiana, they used a green powder, but I didn’t. I made it with just the fruits and veggies. And came up really good.

  2. Tatiana Farina says:

    What is the name of the green powder that you use? I also tasted this juice at ABC Kitchen and I loved it.

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