This is one of the reasons I like France


Because of their cuisine reaches to every one even to school lunches in France.
Their menu is a five course meal for lunch.They are concerned about the children having the pleasure of eating, sitting at the table, sharing and having a conversation. Kids have at school bouillabaisse, escargots, mussels, while Americans kids at school eat pizza and hot dog.  All food are made fresh locally and well balanced: they even have hors d’oeuvre. This makes me want to live in Paris.
I hope school lunches in USA make a change, I do approve of  all the movement from Jamie Oliver’s Revolution about educating and changing school systems, I feel sorry to see kids that don’t even know that tomato sauce comes from a tomato or  potato chips come from a potatoes, that is very sad. I was lucky that when my kids where small we were living in Santa Monica, California  and  the principles of the school were that all the food had to be homemade and healthy, you weren’t allowed to bring any kind of fast food and the meal had to be packed in a green way, no trash to throw away, little table cloths, fabric napkins, forks and knives they all had to be in small container. Even at children birthday parties there didn’t allow soda, and cakes could only be sweetened with fruits. Maybe in Santa Monica everybody is more aware and informed towards the healthy lifestyle.
I raised my kids to be concerned, have knowledge and be curious of what they eat. People were amazed to see such small kids at the grocery store reading the labels of food products. Later we moved to Florida and that was a different story, my children couldn’t understand why the school teacher would give them kool-aid and sweets as treats for good behavior in the classroom, even the pediatrician would give them sweets at check ups. They used to tell me: Mom they are all crazy how can they give us this, they don’t know anything. 
This one of the reason I love France.


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  3. Mike I haven’t read it yet, thanks I will check it out.

  4. Great post! Have you read Janet Poppendieck’s “Free For All”?

  5. Ok I need to tell you the truth guys! I’m french, I grew up in France, specially in Paris. I never ever had mussels, escargots or not even Bouillabaisse at school! We’re all having horrible memories about our time “à la cantine”! I only remember about dry mash potatoes or spinash à la crème, with always an horrible ladie around pushing you to finish your plate! I guess they try to balance the meals, but nothing sexy!

    I like the way you’re encouraging your children to be aware of what they eat… love your blog too!

  6. What a fabulous post. We have much in common. I, in fact, did a very similar post today including Jamie Oliver.

  7. Oh the lunches are in such a sad state. I love your blog and will be back later. Looking forward to reading more!

  8. Lovely France. Trés chic, Lola. The best baguette with camembert on Earth, oh my god, the Marais, les bistrots. I miss Paris… And good to know that the good taste and gourmet philosophy goes to schools too!

  9. Ciao Lola, I stopped by to visit your blog and say hello. And thank you so much for the friend add on FB.
    Your blog is really cool. You have got an awesome name, first of all. It’s an artist’s name. A writer’s name. No matter how many times you get married, never give it up. And I love your byline. Where Food meets the imagination. That is a wonderful concept. And good posts too. Of course my favorite is the one with the carrot cake and cappuccino. Hablas espanol? Yo soy de California y hablo una forma de espanol. Parte mexicano, parte ingles. Es como spanglish. Desculpa me.
    I write a blog on Food, Relationships and love. Sometimes vice versa. All told through stories. Please stop by and visit. Maybe follow, if you like. That would be an honor. Again, thanks.

  10. I agree with you. In Spain is the same as in France. Lunches at school must be balanced, and on tv. and everywhere, we try to encourage our children not to eat processed food for a snack after shool hours. Para merendar, pan y chocolate, queso y membrillo o chorizo con pan. Igual que cuando nosotros merendábamos. Aquí cuidamos mucho la alimentación de los niños y los mayores. Estados unidos como bien dices, es “otra historia”, algún día cambiarán.

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