Food Truck in NYC

Food Truck in NYC la maison du monde

Food trucks in NYC! Walking down 5th Avenue and 27th Street in Manhattan, I ran into Desi Food Truck, an Indian restaurant on-the-go where you can eat anything from chicken curry, Tika Masala, Dal and rice, Kati rolls to Mango Lassi. The culinary craze has finally arrived to the streets as restaurants in trucks or mobile kitchens. Now you can not only find just ice cream or hamburger trucks in the street but sophisticated and gourmet ones specifying in Organic, Vegetarian, French and Japanese food just to name a few. In the city of New York there is a gastronomic walking tour that takes you to meet and taste the specialties of the food trucks.

Most of them are organized and updating daily information through twitter. Follow the Desi Food Truck in New York here.

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