Maui Mountain Sweet and Sour Sauce

Maui Mountain Sweet and Sour Sauce La Maison du Monde

It’s not organic. I was at the grocery store and here it was just in front me. The words Maui Mountain got my attention. My mom lives in Maui, so I said I have to try it. It got me by surprise. It was really good! That night I made chicken nuggets and for a change, I didn’t have to make any sauce! We tried the sweet and sour sauce. The combination was great: the chicken nuggets and the sweet and sour sauce. It’s by the company Mizkan Group with the brand World Harbors. They are not from Maui though. They create global flavors of marinades and sauces. A company that is producing rice vinegar with roots in Tokyo since 1840. Came from to Japan in 1970 to U.S.A and began acquiring regional condiment companies.

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