A birthday with a foodie

A trip to the big apple with a foodie, a photographer, a wall street analyst and a web designer. All have something in common ” they want to eat”

Their mission find authentic, vibrant and unique  places. From food trucks, street food, restaurants, cafes and pubs. They only have 48 hours to enjoy, taste and tell us what they found- and by the way it just happened to be the foodie’s birthday. 

Even if it is closed now, it is still one of the iconic facades you don’t forget about in Soho. I have seen it in movies, fashion magazines and  books. It’s nostalgic to pass by, I adore the green window store.

Little Italy is a must visit especially for their delicatessens, followed by Nolita just to visit a trendy cafe or a new bar.


Chinatown a destination for having Dim Sum, this time I am planing to have a green tea ice cream and to try the hot mini cakes from the Street food cart.

I will be posting about my experience of all the places were l’ll be eating. In my mind I am just looking for authentic food and a destination with a good vibes.


  1. U really take stnnuing photos ah babe!Even though i can’t read Chinese, you got me drooling with all these photos!Have a Blessed New Year, Maureen

  2. Looking forwards your comments and recommendations of those places to eat in NY.
    Have a great time!

  3. I can wait to see what you’ll be eating!

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