It began in 1945 as a butcher shop in Miami Beach and gradually started adding fresh produce, bread and homemade soups. After 50 years the store grew into what it is now known as a gourmet food market full of imported products from around the world. Now with two locations one in Miami Beach and another in Sunny Isles FL, where there was once the famous Rascal House. My experience is almost daily when I cross the street and go buy some things for dinner and I leave like a French girl with a warm baguette in hand and fresh flowers.

They close at 10pm so if one goes for a walk with the dog you can sit to have a cappuccino or even have a drink. I like the concept they have with tables outside and inside so you can buy hot food, grab your utensils and sit down to eat homemade food: from sushi to sake, lamb, chicken, fish, pasta or curry salad with lentils. You buy anything at the deli and have the option to eat it right there.  They have a good selection of cheeses, caviar and foie gras.  Prosciutto di Parma, Jamón Serrano from Spain, Greek olives, even octopus everything to create sumptuous hors d’oeuvres to have with wine and champagne.

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