Mini Baguette

Mini Baguette 02 la maison du monde

I buy them in one of my favorite supermarkets, Whole Foods Market, located in the United States, Canada and London. All organic and natural they sell everything from fish, meat, fresh baked bread, wine, flowers to cleaning products. They also have the mini baguette with black olives.

They are delicious, and I also love their size. They’re perfect to prepare mini paninis, snacks, hors d ‘oeuvres or a petite lunch. On lazy Sundays, I open them, warm them up  and spread tapenade, mozzarella ciliegine, chili peppers and arugula, and in a minute I transport to a Mediterranean flavor, quick and easy.

PS I buy the tapenade, mozzarella, dried tomatoes and sweet peppers all ready prepared at Whole Food Markets.

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