What My Thanksgiving Is About

Thanksgiving Is About 01 la maison du monde

This is what my Thanksgiving is all about. This is what makes me happy and I am most thankful for. I am so thankful to have my family cooking with me in my kitchen. Those close by and far away, we are all together. After a burn, a cut, a garden umbrella knocked over by the wind, a couple burned dishes to restart, a fallen pie, I couldn’t be happier.

Ok everyone, don’t forget to not eat too much for lunch before Thanksgiving. You don’t want to be too full, even though if you are cooking it all looks delicious. It makes me think though, what will we do if we don’t have enough food? Anyone do delivery tonight?

Thanksgiving Is About  02 la maison du monde


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  1. Dear Alejandro, honored by your comment. You once you said I was the best cook in Aventura, and now in Miami! That is a big step up haha!!! Love it. But really, I’m no where close to that! xo

  2. Alejandro Planas says:

    Lola, you are by far the best cook in Miami. Your food was amazing!!. Everything was off the charts!

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