Thanksgiving Morning

It’s Thanksgiving morning and am I halfway done? Nope. More help from Chicago has arrived though. For now it is still just a lot of ingredients looking at me, waiting to be made into dishes. I cook and cook and it feels like I have nothing to show the 40-50 people I’m expecting! Oh just an intimate family dinner.

thanksgiving morning 05 la maison du monde

thanksgiving morning 06 la maison du monde

thanksgiving morning 07 la maison du monde

Nico will be going to pet boarding for the day.

thanksgiving morning 03 la maison du monde

Sebastian and Jacqueline polishing silver. They will also be on the molecular appetizer detail.

thanksgiving morning 04 la maison du monde

Right now I’m making a pumpkin tart tatin from a recipe in Country Homes and Interiors magazine.

thanksgiving morning 02 la maison du monde

Andy’s pie crust is in the fridge chilling.

thanksgiving morning 01 la maison du monde

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