Thanksgiving is finally over, now for festive days ahead

It’s been more than a week since Thanksgiving celebrations and it’s just now when we’ve finished all the photos for the Thanksgiving posts. I think you can get the whole picture of what it is all about in my kitchen. I can now finally move on with enthusiasm to the winter posts and new festive days to come. Wish you were here!



Due to quantity of dinner guest, and just one oven in the kitchen we ordered 3 turkeys from the kosher deli. One whole cut, one carved and sliced, and the other, the one in the picture is sliced and then put back together into a turkey shape. The work was an amazing.



Sebastian and Jacqueline with the satisfaction of knowing the fridge has been cleaned up and fixed so we can placed the coming ingredients.


Thanksgiving is finally over 06 La Maison du Monde

Andy, the queen of the tarts.


Thanksgiving is finally over 07 La Maison du Monde

On my own before the family crew arrive to rescue me.


Thanksgiving is finally over 08 La Maison du Monde

It’s all about having everything handy, no matter what space may takes up!


Thanksgiving is finally over 09 La Maison du Monde

Laura, Blair, Bryan, and myself in the kitchen, the chaos between time and space.



Laura with brussels sprouts on the stalk, marinaded ready to go to the oven.

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  1. Lola, what a cool turkey! And I love seeing your busy kitchen looks like mine during the holidays…so nice to have all the helpers to help with the preparations. Hope you have a fabulous weekend…I’ve missed stopping by to visit you :)

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