Little Upside-down Pudding Cakes for New Years

New Year came along and I wish you all the best a happy, healthy, prosperous and well savor life to live. To welcome New Year’s Eve I made these little upside-down pudding cake bites and had them with a glass of Champagne. I spent the night in a Greek tavern, eating fresh mediterranean food, dancing on the table and drinking Retsina, surrounded by very happy people and great music.

Back to the little puddings, the recipe came from the British magazine Delicious. I don’t know why but they remind me of Downton Abbey.

For the topping:
30g soft butter
30g soft  brown sugar
24 shelled pecan halves
100g cranberries (fresh or frozen)

For the sponge:
100g soft butter
100g caster sugar
Finely grated zest of 1 orange
2 eggs, beaten
50g self-raising flour
1 tsp baking power
50g ground almonds

For the crème anglaise:
150ml whole milk
50ml  double cream
2 large egg yolks
25g caster sugar
1 tsp cornflour
Finely grated zest of 1/2 orange

For the topping mix the butter and sugar together, spread the mixture over the base of the little baking cups. Arrange pecans and cranberries on top.

To make the sponge cream the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, then beat the in the orange zest. Gradually beat in the egg, adding a small spoonful of flour with the last addition. Sift over the remaining flour and baking power, and gently fold into the mixture along with the ground almonds. Divide the sponge mixture between the baking cups, put in the oven and bake for 25 minutes or until a skewer pushed into the center of the pudding comes out clean.

For the crème anglaise bring the milk and cream to the boil, briefly whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a bowl, then whisk in the cornflour and orange zest. Whisk the hot creamy milk into the yolk and sugar mixture, then return it to the pan and stir over a medium low heat for a few minutes until the mixture thicken. Do not let mixture boil.
Turn out onto serving plates and serve with the hot crème anglaise. They are great without the cream too, their flavour and texture are delicate and soft. Comforting and easy to make.
Serves 8 (mini baking cups)

I must start the year thanking all my blogging food communities and blogger friends for encouragement, support, sharing your precious moments and treasures. I respect  your courage, commitment, determination, and perseverance.

My great admiration to all of you!!!


  1. These look delicious and I love your photos. It sounds like you had a lot of fun New Year’s Eve. We are always so boring and can barely stay up until midnight!

  2. I never had puddings like these before. They almost look like muffins. I love pecans and cranberries combo! It was great to meet you last year and I look forward to your posts in 2012!

  3. Happy New Year! These little cakes look scrumptious – love the addition of creme anglaise (my fav) – thanks for sharing!

  4. oh these are so cute! what a great idea for guests!

  5. this is a creative little idea, the ingredients list is making me crave here…

  6. I absolutely ♥ Greek food! What a wonderful way to spend New Years Eve.

    Your little upside-down puddings are adorable!

  7. Happy New Year! These little puddings look so tasty and sound perfect to have with a glass of champagne!

  8. You have made that delicious puddings becomes more delicious. Great recipes.

  9. Woow ..lucen hermosos me encantan los arándanos y su presentación,abrazos y buen año nuevo

  10. Those look divine! A wonderful dessert.



  11. I love this pudding looks moist and I love the toppings.

  12. Wow these look tasty and present so colorful. Looking forward to giving them a go :) – Cathy Pieroz at Ray White Alexandra Hills

  13. What a great way to start the new year—dancing in Greece. Wonderful!

  14. Now that sounds like a way to celebrate New Years Eve :)And I love this delightful recipe, anything with creme anglaise gets my vote :)
    Happy New Year!

  15. They look great!!!! Have a wonderful year!

  16. Beautiful puddings! I love that you used tart cranberries…I can rationalize the creme anglaise is necessary for balance :) Mmmmmmmm.

  17. A great way to ring in the New Year. The puddings look so good. Well done.

  18. Lola~ These are spectacular! Not only does the recipe read like a dream….they’re STUNNING! Very, very nicely done!

  19. I love this puddings!

  20. These look delicious! I love the flavors in this dessert and think I really need to try it :-D

  21. These are gorgeous! Your New Years sounds like it was fantastic- much more excited than mine which was spent on the couch with a cold.

    Lovely post and Happy New Year!

  22. Sound like you had fun on a New Year Eve..good for you!!
    Your puddings look awesome, I love that rich color on top! Well Done!
    Have a great New Year!!!!

  23. Oh I love puddings.. and your upside down little puddings are just perfect. What can I say, I just love food.. Am drooling right now..Happy New Year Lola!! Here’s to another year of fantastic food blogging!! Huggsss, Jo

  24. Oh I love puddings.. and your upside down little puddings are just perfect. What can I say, I just love food.. Am drooling right now..Happy New Year Lola!! Here’s to another year of fantastic food blogging!! Huggsss, Jo

  25. Greek does sound like a fun way to go when ringing in the New Year. I love Greek cuisine!
    Your recipe here does have some great wintery flavors, pecans and cranberries. I like that they are individual desserts and I would eat them with or without the creme anglaise. Delicious post!

  26. Beautiful presentation…these are just gorgeous. It is very nice to “meet” you my newest blogger friend. It sounds like you rang in the new year with lots of fun. Looking forward to reading more of your recipes. Happy New Year!

  27. I spent a few days in Greece once and remember at least one person dancing on the table. Sounds like you were in the right place for New Year’s!

    The puddings are beautiful. Even if the creme anglaise isn’t needed, I’d definitely include it. Yum!

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