Sarabeth’s Parisienne Hot Chocolate

I’ve known about Sarabeth since Laura was small. Every sunday I would drive her to the Upper West Side of New York for breakfast, from there we would continue to Central Park with Sebastian and Esteban. Famous for its hearty breakfasts and brunches with delicious croissants, muffins, pastries, cookies and freshly baked breads. Their jams are delicious, I love specifically the orange and apricot marmalade with toast.

The Parisienne Hot Chocolate is perfect for a comforting breakfast consisting of Dutch cocoa powder ready to be dissolved in warm milk. It also contains small mini Belgian chocolate chips. I like to sprinkle the Parisienne Hot Chocolate powder on my cappuccino for a touch of consent and pampering.

In Manhattan they are located in the Whitney Museum of American Art where they serve brunch and lunch they also have a bakery in Chelsea Market. Along with that you can find them on Amsterdam Avenue, Madison Avenue and Central Park South. For any one in Florida they just opened a location in Key West.

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