PASTA TIME! Homemade Pasta From Scratch


It was my first attempt at making homemade pasta from scratch. I invited friends over and what an experience!


The pleasure of eating fresh pasta is worth making the dough.
We made spaghetti, beet fettuccine and ravioli filled with pumpkin.
The dough we made by hand and then we used a pasta machine to roll it out.



The pasta in the drying rack. We did several batches of pasta. At one moment every thing looked like a chinese laundry — I loved it. Pasta everywhere!
I tried it later on my own to make more pasta for a dinner and I found it to be a bit of hard labor to do alone. It’s definitely something I will be doing with friends surrounded by music with a glass of wine.


We started with the basic recipe of 3 eggs and 2 1/4 cups of unbleached all-purpose flour. Then we continued by mixing the flour with semolina. My idea was to experiment with other kinds of flours like coconut flour, rice flour, flaxseed meal and spelt.

For the pumpkin ravioli I made a puree by roasting the pumpkin with olive oil and thyme. Mashed it with a fork adding butter, salt, pepper and pinch of grated nutmeg. For the sauce, I melted butter with sage and served it with Parmigiano Reggiano. This is alway one of my favorites tortelli di zucca, pumpkin + butter + sage + parmigiano.
I found a recipe that I want to try it’s adding amaretti cookies, nutmeg, Grana Padano and mostarda mantovana (spicy sauce made of candied fruits syrup and mustard essence) to the pumpkin puree.
For the beet fettuccine we made the dough by adding beet juice. The color came out beautiful, but to my disappointment after boiling the pasta the intense color tends to fade away.
So I tried a second time boiling it in beet juice instead of water which helped retain more of the color.
At the end we were so hungry that we made the sauces fast and easy. For the spaghetti we just sautéed radicchio with dry chili, garlic, and olive oil.

                                                                  Mi piace la pasta!


  1. Awesome post. I always love pasta especially homemade pasta.airconditioner perth

  2. Loved this post! I hope to one day have a kitchen big enough to make pasta in!

  3. Hello,
    this is my first time here. Your blog looks amazing.
    I love pasta but homemade pasta is even better in my opinion. I see you had a lot of fan, these pictures are great. Thanks for sharing this. Will stop by more often from now on.

  4. Hi Lola! How’re you? You are so brave, and I really must build up my courage to make pasta from scratch. Your post right now certainly inspires me to really take up on the challenge. I love raviolis and I this time, I really can’t wait to try it. Take care now.. xoxo

  5. Hi Lola! How’re you? You are so brave, and I really must build up my courage to make pasta from scratch. Your post right now certainly inspires me to really take up on the challenge. I love raviolis and I this time, I really can’t wait to try it. Take care now.. xoxo

  6. I wish to have some time and I think I am going to make some time this week-end. Looks fantastic!

  7. You look like you had a lot of fun making the pasta, then eating it too, I guess! Nothing better than fresh pasta. My kids love making our own and with 4 of them you can just imagine the cleaning up after! Must confess, we’ve never made beet, must try it! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m your latest follower on Google now! Lin xx

  8. Homamde pasta are wonderful and yours look amazing! What a great post.



  9. How fun! I love making pasta, and I always run out of room for all the drying pasta. Beet pasta is so pretty. Must have been a delicious day.

  10. oh this is SO impressive!!!

  11. Wow…Lola…your pastas came out beautifully! (I’m nervous to attempt this but maybe a group of friends and some wine is the way to go!) I especially like the beet fettucine. So thanks for the tip of boiling it in beet juice! It all looks so good!!! : )

  12. You are so ambitious…tackling homemade noodles would probably kill me.
    And I LOVE LOVE your profile pictures…the whole photo(s) are so artsy and fun!

  13. This pasta looks amazing.

  14. wow..very nice post..lovely

    Tasty Appetite

  15. Hi, Lola

    As always you have made a great post that wakes my apetites ;)

    This is a great menu to add in my home.

  16. WOW WOW WOW! I had so much fun reading about your pasta making! I LOOOOVE pasta and really wish that I have fresh pasta to cook. But I probably won’t buy pasta maker for a while…so I just enjoyed reading your post. It’s a great idea that you invited your friends. I’d probably do the same and cook together at the end. Oh that got me an idea…I should find someone who has pasta maker! ;-) Thanks for sharing Lola!

  17. Hi Maggie, the beet juice I made it by cutting small chunks and put them into the blender y also used the water from the cooked beet for the puree.

  18. I love making fresh pasta and make it all the time. My husband refuses to eat any other pasta now! I have a pasta roller that rolls the dough for me, and this cuts down considerably on the amount of work it takes to make pasta. I can whip up a batch from flour to pot in less than 20 minutes now.
    Love the pumpkin, parm, sage combo. This is on of my very favorite kinds of ravioli. The beet pasta is so fun too! Curious, where did you get beet juice? Great post!

  19. We enjoy making fresh pasta, will have to try with beets. Enjoyed your post.

  20. What a great idea for a gathering with friends! I may have to do the same! Lovely idea~

  21. All I can say is WOW. There is nothing as heartwarming as making fresh pasta.. something I haven’t done in ages. Thanks for inspiring me! Anthony :)

  22. Se ven increíbles me encantan las pastas caseras y que mejor que consumirlos con los amigos ,una delicia,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  23. I love making fresh pasta, but how fun to do it with friends :) Everything looks amazing, and I love that you did the red coloring with beet juice, will have to try that :)

  24. Congratulations on your homemade pasta, it all looks perfectly made and I love your red pasta machine!

  25. Making pasta at home can be a fun project for a few people, but I had the same realization you did. It is much harder and not so much fun going solo on the project. Your pasta does look amazing in those pictures!

  26. yum! what great combos of pasta and yes, big food projects are always best with friends and vino! good to know about boiling the pasta with beet juice :-)

  27. This is such a beautiful post Lola..Love the idea of homemade pasta..nothing beats that especially making it with people that you love!

  28. Your pasta looks so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to make homemade pasta, even bought a pasta machine several years ago, but never used it. =( Hopefully, one of these days.

  29. ¡This was fun Lola!. I´ve always wanted to learn how to make fresh pasta, well fresh ravioli to be exact, but I´m not brave enough to go to a course…I agree with you, this should be done with friends for fun.

  30. Hello Lola, this is a very nice post, you and your friends must have enjoyed it too much! Un beso,

  31. I am totally loving this..Fresh pasta is always good..


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