A Simple Pasta with Creamy Gorgonzola Sauce


Creamy gorgonzola sauce and orecchiette pasta with arugula and pignolis. It’s easy and quick yet festive at the same time. The arugula gives it a great freshness. The cream balances out the gorgonzola, making a smooth and delicious velvety sauce. It all comes together to make a delightful, cheesy, sublime plate. It’s a great meal to make when I don’t have time to cook, but want the meal to be really special and tasty.

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This Nicolas, my kitchen helper. He is always following me, checking up on what I’m cooking.


16 ounces orecchiette, or your favorite pasta
1 cup toasted pignolis
6 cups of arugula
2 cups of cream
7 ounces of gorgonzola cheese
pepper to taste

In a big pot with salted water cook the pasta al dente. Meanwhile, toast pignolis on a sauté pan until golden brown. On medium low, heat the cream and gorgonzola cheese, stirring until cheese melts and the sauce thickens slightly. In a serving bowl, pour over the pasta. Season with pepper, add the toasted pignolis. Serve each plate of pasta with a bunch of arugula on the top. You can substitute the arugula for fresh steamed asparagus or sauteed mushrooms. Toasted and chopped walnuts may be substituted for the pignolis.


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  1. Love this combination.

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