Los Conacastes, Ana and Loly’s Restaurant in South Florida



The restaurant is Ana and Loly’s and between both of them they do everything. They have been there for six months with Ana serving the food and Loly cooking, both very attentive and polite. Authentic, simple home cooking where for less than $10 you can have a main dish of meat, fish or shellfish. And of course the famous pupusas, corn tortillas that are handmade stuffed with cheese, beans or pork rinds. They are accompanied with pickled carrot, onion and cabbage.





I like the cheese and loroco (which is the flower of an aromatic plant used a lot in El Salvador in the preparation of their meals) and the tamales made with corn and meat. They have drinks like horchata, corn gruel and tamarind juice.

A home-cooked meal on a budget.

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