I Travel to Corfu When I Cook with Dill

I Travel to Corfu When I Cook with Dill 02 La Maison du Monde


We were in a car in the Greek island of Corfu, when our driver pulled over to cut some dill weed from along the side of the road. He said they call it “anithos”.


I Travel to Corfu When I Cook with Dill 03 La Maison du Monde

It’s a commonly used herb by the locals, an ingredients found often in Greek cuisine. It’s used in dolmades, soups, spinach pies, salads and breads. I think of that day in Corfu, standing with the view of the coast, every time I cook with dill. I like to use it when I make tzatziki, in fish cakes, on salads, with salmon, on zucchini cakes, great in omelets, and I love it on french fries. It has delicate feathery leaves and wonderfully aromatic with a slightly bitter taste. They could look like fennel leaves, but they are completely different. Dill has a more herbal aroma and fennel is sweeter, more like anise or licorice.

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