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Summertime Urban Picnics

During my childhood in Venezuela, picnics were families together in a beach house where each family brought cooked food from home. Together, a full menu was planned and divided amongst ourselves.

I remember my student summertimes in Brighton Beach, going to the beach every weekend taking a sweeter along in case the weather changed. Walking along the pier, eating fish and chips, snacking on frozen oranges slices while trying hard to get a sun tan in the backyard with homemade sun lotion from Brazilian recipe using carrots and coconut oil.

And later in New York, Sunday picnics in Central Park with my three kids, a stop in Zabar’s to supply my picnic basket. While in California the picnic baskets got more sophisticated. There were delicious places in Santa Monica with exquisite and healthy foods ready to pack. And magic night concert picnics at the Hollywood Bowl. Also end of the day picnics with wine and cheeses at the beach after work.

And now I live close to beach so its easy to take a towel, water, sun block, then back home to eat. Even when I go for longer I take my picnic basket the old way; with a checkered tablecloth, coconut water, lemonade, oranges, white wine, tortilla de patatas, roasted red pepper, olives, cheeses, quinoa salad, chicken milanese, a baguette of course, good book, food and fashion magazines. It’s like a small transport of stuff.

Urban picnics: we get together for celebrations or without any reason at friends’ houses and we bring the best homemade food to share.

The urban picnics can please everyone. It can be kosher, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian; it’s about living life by sharing, having a good time, experimenting, trying the unexpected and taking care of others.


Lola Lobato - Summer

From my treasure box, Sebastian, Esteban, and Laura not too long ago, having a picnic in their own way!



  1. Lucky you! it must be wonderful to live close to the beach.



  2. Dear Veronica, Happy Summer!!! xoxo

  3. Oh, me dan ganas de ir a comprarme una cesta ;-)
    Abrazos y feliz verano,

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