The Fat Radish

In a hidden location in Chinatown between Canal St & Hester in NYC is The Fat Radish, a British gastropub loft like  with a hip ambience and farm tables.

I had a Bloody Mary and they had cocktails with green vegetables, fruits vodka & rum. 
Sebastian had the British breakfast eggs with sausages, bacon, beans and roasted tomatoes. The eggs are from a farm in Greenwich.

Laura had a sauté veggies plate and a red beet drink. The whole menu is seasonal with ingredients from  local farms made in a vibrant way.

I had a spaghetti squash with candied bacon and crispy eggs which I had never tried before the combination was really delicious….
Couldn’t leave without having a cappuccino. The place had the feeling of a little Covent Garden, we sat in communal table and had very interesting people setting next to us. The waitress was extremely nice and the whole atmosphere was very friendly with good vibes. The location made it more intriguing and adventurous to reach. Next time I’ll have the pumpkin pancakes with walnuts and maple mascarpone.
We spent the rest of the afternoon walking in Chinatown. 


  1. Sue you are the Zagat from Penang!
    We haven’t try shipping abroad, just now only USA.
    Best regards

  2. Hi, nice e-shop you have. Alot of varieties, you ship out to all over the world?

    Let me know when you drop in my blog.


  3. Sue, thank you for sharing, I am going to visit your blog it sounds great!

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    Best regards.

  4. Hi, do you blog for a living? so interesting , i like the food pics and places you went to.

    I just started my food blog not along ago. It’s food in Penang mainly.

    keep up the good work!:)

  5. I’m such a creature of my passions. I was almost drooling on some of the food pix. I’d love to have a job eating delicious food, but I have the feeling I’d be up to 280 lbs. (10 stone, is it?) in no time at all. Please eat something wonderful for me the next time you go out! :D

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