Beat cream with rum, vanilla ice cream, chocolate powder and crushed amaretto cookies.

Freeze the mixture in individual molds.

When serving, garnish with crushed cookies, chocolate syrup and powdered chocolate.

Quick and Easy Tartufo

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  1. I made these last night. The taste was excellent, but the txurete somewhat runny, so I froze the rest after eating some of it. The runniness may be because I used raw cream cheese from a dairy, which came in a tub. So, for folks who are not buying regular cream cheese from a store, you might want to reduce some of the liquid. I also subbed 1 tsp. almond extract + remaining water for the amaretto, and it still tasted fine. I used an 8 8 pan, and it worked fine. Also, for an experiment, I sprinkled half of the tiramisu with cocoa and the other half with carob. We’ll see which tastes better. Anyway, very tasty recipe.

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