Pastry Boutique in London

Edible jewels for princesses are the cupcakes from Lola’s Kitchen. Of course I love the name, the colors fascinate me, and they are beautiful for a birthday or a wedding. They are baked daily in small quantities. Its ingredients range from: Madagascar vanilla, Lindt chocolate, and fruits that are used fresh and not canned or with additives.

They are made in different sizes, besides the usual, there are the “Tinys” that are tiny bite-size and giant cupcakes called “Show Girls” that are 18cm. Likewise there is the “Cupcake Cake” which is a cake with cupcakes on top. They have cakes filled with whipped cream or chocolate as subtle as the chiffon covered with chocolate curls. They’re fun, soft and fluffy. These come in flavors like peanut butter, carrots, strawberries, coconut, banana, lemon, vanilla and chocolate. On vacation time they include new flavors, and there are also special season flavors like Champagne and Baileys for special ocassions.

They can be personalized and sent to your home. They are sold like a boutique in Selfridges where they have a Lola’s cupcake bar in the famous Harrods, through its website and you could order in their bakery that is in Primrose Hill.

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