Boursin + Cream Pasta Sauce


With only just two ingredients: boursin and cream

You can make the most delicious creamy sauce for any pasta. Any one who tries it could never imagine how simple it was to make it. Just melt the cheese with the cream, stirring at a low temperature until it becomes creamy.

With a little imagination and adventure you could always add something more to enrich the flavor.
Like throwing in some:

  • mushrooms
  • crab
  • asparagus
  • salmon
  • broccoli
  • pepper


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  1. Perfect when you are in a hurry, I always have Boursin just in case, it will just take a few minutes to prepare,! I will try this weekend maybe with mushroons or salmon, yummy! By the way, what kind of flakes are the ones in the picture…or is it parsley, I guess you can add whatever you like on top ,,,for sure Dave would add hot peppers, I think I prefer basil. Thanks for sharing Lola!

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