From the Amazon of Brazil comes the fruit of the acai palm.
It tastes like a mix of berries, cocoa and red wine. A rather rough taste but with a velvety finish.
Açaí contains a potent mix of antioxidants more than cranberries, grapes and red wine.

It helps combat premature aging and it is high in nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals.
Açaí helps to lower cholesterol, increases energy, removes toxins, prevents cardiovascular disease, rejuvenates the cells, improve vision, helps you lose weight and strengthens the immune system.

It Can be found in juices, energy drinks, milkshakes, capsules, powder or frozen pulp which is what I like. It can be used in the preparation of meals, drinks, sauces, vinaigrette and desserts. Delicious whipped with yogurt or rice milk.
Açaí changes the way one sees being healthy and natural by being able to add it even in cocktails or in vodka martinis.

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