Orecchiette and Rappini


Orecchiette with rappini, I saw this recipe on Saveur magazine and loved it immediately. Also called broccoli rabe, rappi, friarelli, broccoletti or broccoli di rape in Napoli. It is a common vegetable in the south of Italy, northwest of Spain and China. I thought it was part of the broccoli family but no its related to turnips.



Orecchitte, Rapini, garlic, lemon, red chile flakes, salt and olive oil.



I am doing my mini project a jardin parisien at my kitchen balcony so I could have my petit-déjeuner with a view,  this time I had the orecchitte with a glass of wine for lunch and I guess with all of you who are reading this.



The flavor is a bit bitter but the lemon peel gives an intensive aroma, the red chile flakes and the garlic are the perfect blend to the dish.

1 box of Orecchiette pasta
1 bunch of rapini
6 garlic cloves crushed
1 teaspoon of red chile flakes
1 lemon zest
Olive oil

I boiled the rapini for about 3 to 4 minutes and transferred them to a bowl of cool ice water, drained them and set them aside. (This will help keep them crispy). In a saute pan with olive oil I then added the garlic and cooked it until it was golden, incorporating the chile flakes and rapini I’d already chopped. Then I added the lemon zest, seasoned it with salt, and tossed it all with the pasta I’d already cooked al dente.

I added a topping of toasted pignoli and shaved pecorino cheese. In the original recipe, they added a dollop of goat cheese. In all cases it’s always delicious. Even without cheese it tastes great!


  1. Beautiful view! This pasta dish sounds light and lovely.

  2. This is one of my favourite dishes ever! So simple, yet so flavoursome. I sometimes substitute rappini for bok choy as that’s always available here. It is the perfect representation of Italian food! Well done Lola! :-)

  3. I love rappini with pasta. Sounds like a fantastic lunch. And, what a gorgeous view from your balcony!

  4. Lola esa es tu cocina?
    me muero de la envidia!! es preciosa y con esa terraza…
    Además con este plato tan delicioso que nos muestras!

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  6. those are my favorite noodle- looks great!

  7. Gorgeous pictures!! I am in such envy. This pasta is so simple but it sounds like the flavors shine through.

  8. Orecchiette and Rappini is a delicious classic dish! I didn’t know that it wasn’t a broccoli! Your balcony is incredible and your pictures are stellar!

  9. Lilly, I think asparagus will be a delicious substitute.

  10. I recently found these orecchiette at my supermarket and haven’t figure out what to make. I don’t think I can find rappini, but I am sure I can substitute it for something else. I think your kitchen is very pretty and the view from your balcony as well.

  11. I love your kitchen balcony. I also have a kitchen balcony, but yours is very cute.
    Besos guapa

  12. What a great view you got there Lola! The view + Orecchiette & Rappini for dinner . . . complete my day!

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