Mini Tortilla de Patatas


These are mini tortillas de patatas, spanish tortillas, that are great for hors d’oeuvres and tapas.



I used a silicone baking cup tray for mini cupcakes.



You can add different toppings like grilled red peppers, anchovies, Manchego cheese, olives, chorizo, or just leave it plain.



This was for a Sunday brunch where I also made pasta with cherry tomatoes, basil, and panko breaded chicken breast. For the breaded chicken I made several sauces to choose from, they were like dips. Everybody liked the curry mayonnaise, the fig with caramelized onions, and the chipotle sauce.



Tortilla Española

6-8 eggs
6-8 potatoes
1 onion
2 garlic cloves, minced
olive oil
salt and pepper


I boiled the potatoes to make everything easier and faster. I cooked the chopped onion and garlic in olive oil until they were tender. I cut the potatoes into small pieces, then added them to the olive oil and smashed them together while cooking with the onion and garlic. I removed them from the stovetop and mixed all of it in a bowl with the whisked egg, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Pour the mixture on the cupcake baking tray and bake approximately for about 15 to 20 minutes.

A perfect bite to follow a Sangria…

From the store, Silicone Baking Cups




  1. Uy, ya sabía yo que las tuyas serían una belleza.

  2. Ayer tuve una reunion en casa de unos amigos, y queria llevar algo rico, muy facil de preparar y que tuviera una bonita presentacion, hice las mini tortillas, y fueron un EXITO TOTAL!!!

  3. I am glad you liked it, best regards.

  4. We’re a mum and Daughter living in Noth Queensland Australia and we just tried out your beautiful mini tortillas and they turned out great, thanks sharing this awesome recipe with us.

  5. I had friends over the other night, they came to watch the soccer game which I am not fond of it, but anyway I set the table with appetizers wine and small bites. Of course I did the mini tortillas again, this time I used a silicone mini muffin pan and it worked perfectly they were absolutely fabulous! I sprinkle some of them with peppercorn blend & olive oil, others with just tiny pieces of green and black olives. You must try it….

  6. I’ll take mine with chorizo, please!

  7. oh those are so cute!

  8. This is the perfect bite to accompany a sangria!

  9. Sounds like a delicious party! I love the idea of mini tortillas. I have to try this!

  10. An awesome mini tartlet with potatoes and all the dips sound so delicious!! Cheers:)

  11. Like these little appetizers, I will add this to my party food recipes. Thanks for sharing these tasty gems!

  12. What a great idea to serve tortilla! I love tortilla de patatas and I often make the “Italian version” of it, but I had not thought of making mini individual servings of it! They look so cute!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous brunch both your mini tortillas and chicken sound wonderful~

  14. Looks delicious!

  15. Today is my Rebeca’s B-day so I will do it as an apetizer.

  16. Great let me know how they come out, xoxo

  17. Perfect! My friends and I are having a Barcelona themed shower for my friend. I am so making these!

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